The Applications of Deep Learning

Deep learning is one of the hot topics which are being discussed nowadays. Without any doubts, the potential of the technology and proven results marks it as one of the best technologies.

It is often confused with Machine Learning. Perhaps, Deep Learning is its subfield. Machine Learning is about machines learning from a set of data and making decisions based on the predictions using that data. While deep learning has networks which make it capable of learning from the unstructured data. It has improved techniques to predict and detect patterns.

Applications of Deep Learning

Deep learning is used mostly where there is a large amount of data and patterns. Various industries have opted for deep learning techniques as they are efficient. The priority in the industries is the quick and accurate results, which are achieved by it. Hence, these are disrupting the regular techniques in numerous ways.


Deep learning is used to optimize medical trials and treatment plans for the individuals with the help of the large database of medical records. It is also used to detect diseases by analyzing medical images.


The deep learning technology is playing a role of financial advisor in the field of finance. The large data is used provide to financial recommendations. Further, it is also used to detect fraud through its pattern recognition capability.


To reduce the human efforts and redundancy, chatbots are used which are considered as a modern form of communication. Thanks to Deep learning and AI, chatbots are able to provide 24/7 support, handle queries and give recommendations. They intelligently engage with the user and reduce the load from the customer service providers.  The common examples include Siri by iPhone, Google Assistant by Google, Amazon Alexa and Cortana by Microsoft.


Autonomous or Driverless cars are considered to be a revolution, thanks to Deep Learning. Although, the technology is under consideration and might take some time to mature. Still, the improvements are being witnessed day by day. Huge investments for research and development of such autonomous cars by the Automobile giants also indicate their convincement in this technology.

Speech Recognition

This is another area where deep learning has made its execution possible with accuracy and efficiency. The trend of voice queries on Google is getting popular. Moreover, it has also been implemented within the virtual assistants to communicate with Humans via voice. We may see its usage in the video games in future too.

Face Detection:

Another application of the deep learning is the Face detection which is done through image processing. Facial detection is used for security and identification. You might have seen Facebook predicting persons by their faces on the pictures that are uploaded. It uses the deep learning algorithms.

In a Nut Shell

In the near future, we may possibly witness smart machines around us with the capability to learn and predict. In other words, they will reduce our efforts, save our time and will tend to make our life easier. The best thing about such machines is that they keep learning and become more efficient by time. All because of deep learning technology in the machines, we are already witnessing a revolution.

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