Ensuring You Recruit the Correct Data Professional

Machine learning is a concept that is slowly creeping into our everyday lives  so much so that many are making adjustments to their business model to fully embrace the benefits that machine learning has to offer. Regardless of whether you’re a business or a customer  there’s a good chance that you will have been introduced to some form of machine learning along the way, whether you were aware of it or not.

However, just because machine learning can ease the pressure of more monotonous tasks in the workplace it still needs to be handled by the right people. As such those looking to yield the benefits of machine learning have to ensure that they’re employing the right people.

Why is Machine Learning so Important?

The Internet has allowed many businesses to prosper online but, at the same time, has created a saturated market for some. Although more conventional marketing efforts, such as search engine optimisation, are still essential for a company to fully prosper, it must fully understand its customer base. To be able to do this effectively we have to concentrate on all aspects of customer communication, regardless of whether it relates to marketing or customer service.

However, staying in touch with customers can be a time-consuming endeavour, and some companies may not have the time to invest when there are other aspects of the business to consider.

Machine learning can streamline several tasks in a business which ensures that customer contact is maintained regardless of the other commitments the company has.

For example, software can be implemented that ensures that a business looking to recruit a new employee isn’t unintentionally being gender bias. This ensures that the role connects with more people as well as being non-offensive. Its use in customer service is also becoming prevalent as it allows for a more streamlined and effective line of communication for the customer rather than having to be transferred to several different departments.

Although a business may be able to operate without implementing machine learning but, if it does introduce it, then it will allow the business more time to spend on dealing with customer queries, event planning and scheduling candidate interviews. With this in mind employing a professional fully versed in machine learning is at least a consideration that every business should make.

Finding the Right Candidate

With so many benefits to offer, it makes sense that a business would be keen to get someone on board who is able to contend with the role, but as machine learning is a relatively new industry not everyone will understand its inner workings. It’s also worth noting that many will approach the industry in a different way. For example, a data analyst will be reviewing data yielded by machine learning to build a more informative customer profile which allows a business to offer a more segregated marketing plan, allowing for a greater turnover. However, a machine learning engineer will be more focus on the output of machine learning. This could be implementing several forms of software and ensuring that they’re tailored in the right way. This could be in relation to customer service, meeting planning or several different tasks.

Many may use a recruitment agency to ensure it employs the right individual for the role, but while some do offer data professionals, they will often be missed with other professions. This can often mean that the recruitment agency is not fully versed in the current climate of the machine learning industry, meaning that the job specifications may not be effective.

It could also be the case that some recruitment agencies don’t really understand the world of machine learning, and confuse it with other similar roles, which can mean that both the time of the business and the candidate is being wasted.

This can be a frustrating predicament for the business, especially if it’s looking to make the most of machine learning, but what’s the answer? Fortunately, there are solutions available that are purely focused on the data sector and only work with true professionals.

Introducing Data Talent

Data Talent is a recruitment firm that understands just how important machine learning has become in today’s world, and those who aren’t able to implement the correct algorithms could be lagging behind when it comes to conversing with their customer base in a positive way. Although machine learning can be used in almost any sector, the way it is used will often be different. As such, a business will need access to a professional that is fully experienced with the tools that will be used, and the methods being deployed.

Data Talent works closely with its professionals to ensure that they have the right attributed for a data-based role. Not only does this mean that there is no lengthy and costly recruitment process  but that companies can be confident that in most instances their new addition is able to hit the ground running and start implementing the changes as soon as possible.

There can be many attributes that make for the right data professional and Data Talent is able to identify these qualities in each and every candidate ensuring that regardless of the position being advertised the right candidate will always be put forward.

As well as being able to identify key skill sets, such a solid background in statistics and mathematics, Data Talent will also ensure that candidates have the creativity and determined to ensure the role is carried out in the most pro-active way possible.

The introduction of machine learning can be seen as a looming concept for some but. once it’s understood, it actually allows the business to create automatic ways of dealing with momentous tasks while still being able to achieve customer satisfaction. This allows for a more productive company moving forward, as there will be more time available to invest in other sectors of the business.


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